13 June 2010

sam says...

Sam has been saying some pretty hilarious things lately (in my humble opinion).
Here is a sample:

As he played in the tub the other day, he was pretending that he had fallen out of a boat.
"Help!" he yells, "I'm draining!!"

This morning, he and Marko were getting ready to go fishing and we were saying that it was already really hot out. To this he asked,
"Do I need to wear sour cream?" 

As he was getting dressed this morning, I offered him a pair of clean underwear to put on. 
"No mom, those underwear are for wearing around the house. I need a pair for going out!" 
(I have NO IDEA where he came up with that theory! LOL!)

Can you stand it?!?



  1. How cute!! Love the underwear one!!!!!!

  2. Precious sayings!! I wish I had recorded more of my daughters' sayings at those young ages, but I'm glad I started writing them down when I did!


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