23 September 2010

raw(e) smiles

This week's RAW(e) photo challenge over at Sailor & Company is


Miss Mischief.

I have discovered something about Ava.
She is FULL of mischief.
Even at 11 months, she gets that glimmer in her eye
and I know that some naughtiness is about to happen.
You can almost hear the "MUAHAHAHAHA"
running through her little head.

She is so completely different from Sam in that respect.
He was my calm, totally compliant baby/toddler.
If we told him not to do something, he didn't.
No questions asked.
I actually thought for awhile it was because of our fabulous parenting skills.
Now I know that it was just his laid-back personality.
But not his sister!
Oh me, Oh my!
She is proving to be a little handful.
And this is just the beginning...


  1. I can totally see the glimmer in her eye! My youngest sister is that way too...and she usually gets out of getting in trouble because she's just so darn cute! ;) Great shot.

  2. Slightly impish there...... Cutie! :O)

  3. i can totally see it in her sweet eyes!!!! what a cutie!

  4. Man, what a cute little girl. She must have some great looking parents!

  5. Lol, Mystery Man! Well her daddy's a hottie, that's for sure! ;D

  6. I have a different idea as to why your little cutie might get into mischief.....she's watching her big brother do so much and she's just trying to keep up with him.


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