24 October 2010

does this

ever happen to you?

I had one of the best times with the Lord on Friday morning.
And then, by Friday afternoon I felt like the biggest heathen ever.

Giving in to temptation,
snapping at the kids,
being lazy,
the list goes on and on!

I find myself exclaiming with the Apostle Paul.

"Wretched person that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death?"
 (Romans 7:24)

How can I be walking in the presence of the Lord one moment
and then totally not walking in it the next?

The answer:
my choices.

In 10 minutes
I can make enough wrong choices
 to take me from

here is my comfort.

Jesus rescues me.

He picks me up,
brushes me off,
lifts my face,
and speaks tenderly to my heart.

"I love you.
Let me help you up
and together we can continue on."

O, what a wonderful Savior!


  1. It happens to me every day! Love the song too!

  2. okay this is totally random, but I had to share. I have never had a dream about a blogger before, but you were in my dream last night! :) Hope things are going well!

  3. Haha! I hope it wasn't a nightmare! Things are good and I find out tomorrow if I'm having a boy or a girl....EEK!


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