13 October 2010

the hiatus is over

What a slacker I've been. 
I can't believe that it's been almost a month since my last "real" post.
Much has happened in the past several weeks.
There have been births,
and birthdays,
a trip to Sea World,
and most recently, our first kid ER visit.
(Gorey picture ahead. Consider yourself warned.)

Sam was swinging on a baby swing on the neighbor's patio (read: brick floor) 
Sunday afternoon, and decided to jump off of it.
The landing was less than perfect and the bricks caught his fall. Heh.
Marko came running into the house with him and
Sam was bleeding so much that I couldn't even see inside his mouth.
So, off to the ER Marko and Sam rushed.
Once there, they discovered that Sam had knocked out one of his bottom teeth
(not adult, thank the Lord!)
and needed about 6 stitches on his lower lip.
A trip to the dentist the next day revealed that there were no fractures or permanent damage to the bones in his mouth/jaw.

Well, I guess all's well that ends well.
Sam has learned his lesson, and will now be traveling the preschool circuit extolling the virtues of swing safety.


  1. OUCH! Hope he's starting to feel better. That looks so painful!

  2. Oh, I hurt for him. Hope he heels quickly.
    Did he take getting stitches pretty good - I would not.

  3. Mya- he is healing remarkably well. He did NOT take getting the stitches well. It took my husband and two other nurses to hold down our 38lb. dynamo! All was well though, as soon as Daddy got him a Slurpee. :D

  4. Poor thing...it looks like that one really hurt. I think one of the things that I am affraid of the most is one of my kids getting hurt. I followed you from Blog Frog.

    Anne @ http://lessonsthrulife.com


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