27 October 2010


Well, the results are in and it's a


We are all shocked and surprised.
Sam is a little sad.
Poor guy, I know how he feels.
I wanted a sister more than anything, and got a brother...twice.
But time will ease the disappointment.
And by the time the baby is here, he will be excited to see her.

Otherwise, she is healthy and right on target according to the ultrasound.
She is very wiggly and even sucked her thumb for a second (just like her brother).
Whether or not she has CF, still remains a mystery.
We have opted not to do an amniocentesis (same as with Ava).
But the ultrasound markers were clear, which is a good sign.

Thank You, God, for another little life!

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  1. How wonderful!
    I empathize with Sam, though, I always wanted a sister but was blessed with two younger brothers. :)


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