19 April 2010

drum roll please...

But first, I need to vent. 

Does anyone else have a babe that is stuck to you like glue??

Ava is a BIG TIME momma's girl right now.
For the past couple of days she has flat-out refused (read: screamed at the top of her LUNGS!) to be held by anyone but me. 
It's exhausting.
And I'm totally open to suggestions on how to ease her out of this phase (if possible!)

Ok, enough about me. 
On to the real reason that you're here...the winner!

Well, I guess mystery picture #2 wasn't that tough either.
Almost everybody got it right!
The correct answer is 


  And thanks to Sam and a bunch of numbers, 
the winner is...

(email me and I'll get the necklace out to you this week)

Thanks for playing.
Next week's photo is going to be a hum-dinger (I promise!).



  2. I saw your issue with Ava being just yours. That is how my daughter has been from day one. It's exhausting, but she has gotten better. I think she goes through phases though. I can't give suggestions. Sorry -- just empathizing.

  3. I TOTALLY should have won for getting it wrong ;)


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