19 May 2010

cheese puffs

Once there was a boy who LOVED cheese puffs...and making cheesy faces.

One day, the Boy and his Momma went to Sam's Club and saw this.

The MOTHER LOAD of Cheese Puffs! 
The Boy was so excited!! 
He could hardly contain himself.
"Pleeeeease, Momma...can we get these, Pleeeease?!?"
Thrilled that her fat-averting child was asking for something 
that would add some calories to his eating routine 
(albeit greasy, processed calories), 
she quickly consented and off to the check-out line they scurried.

As soon as they arrived home, the Boy asked for some Cheese Puffs. 
He had Cheese Puffs with lunch.
He had Cheese Puffs with supper. 
He had Cheese Puffs as a before-bedtime snack.

And then a curious thing happened. 
Early the next morning the Boy woke up complaining of a stomach ache...
and barfed up Cheese Puffs. 
No more Cheese Puffs for the Boy. 

The End.


  1. ewww guess it's true to much of a good thing ends up messy. Cheese puffs were my fav as a kid. My mom would limit them b/c I had a love for them that was unhealthy lol.
    Im following

  2. Precious picture - has a look that says, "You did not see me in the cheese puff jar."
    Your post reads like a children's picture book!
    Will he still want cheese puffs?

    The post prior to this one is a comforting one and the picture is beautiful.

  3. Thanks Mya! I guess after reading children's books for so long the style start to wear off on you. :P

    And yes, he still loves the cheese puffs!

  4. Oh my goodness!! :) I bet those didn't look very good the second time around.

  5. Right!!!!! Funny but not funny. Poor little guy. :O)


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