28 May 2010

sidewalk scribbles on a sunny sunday

Sunday afternoon (after going to a photography class), I came home to Sam chasing dragonflies in the front yard. I went inside to put my things away and, all of the sudden, Sam was at my side.

"Mom, come look what I made!"

"What did you make?"

"Come look, Mom! I made...ME !"

So we trotted outside to this

Sam had drawn a picture of himself with sidewalk chalk.
He was elated.
He also drew a picture of Ava (with a "really big foot").
And this "kid."

Here, he's drawing shoes on the kid because the cement was too hot for his bare feet.

And he finished with a drawing of a football (first, making sure that he counted the laces to draw it exactly right).

What do your kids like to do outside?

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