13 May 2010

"way behind" wednesday

 I am way behind on my blogging. 

Blame it on my malfunctioning computer...
or uncooperative camera... 
or my Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Monday...
or the rain sweltering heat...
whatever the reason, I've got some catching up to do!

Let's start with Mother's Day.
After a (mostly) relaxing morning at home
(we go to church on Saturday night),
and some wonderful cards and gifts,
we met my parents and brother at Olive Garden for a yummy lunch
(gotta love those bread sticks and salad!).

Then we lazed around the house until early evening and met some family and friends at the beach for a cookout.

Sam, his cousins, and friends had a great time jumping waves, playing with boogie boards and digging humungous trenches in the sand.

The dads cooked up some mean hamburgers and hot dogs, and wrestled each other into the water (Marko has a broken toe to show for it {shaking head}....BOYS!!)
And the mommas...relaxed!

This was Ava's first time at the beach (even though we only live 20 mins away from it...sad. I know.) and she did really good. She liked the sand and the water (a BIG plus, since I hope to be there a lot this summer!) but wasn't too crazy about the wind.

All in all, it was a fabulous day!


  1. Your family pictures at the beach are very lovely. The beach is my favorite place to be, but we live at least 5-6 hours away from the coast.
    The little one in the pink hat is adorable. She seems to be mulling it over.
    Do they enjoy building sandcastles?

  2. Thanks Mya! I took these pictures with a point and shoot (with a baby on my hip!)...not very good, but it's better than nothing.

    I love going to the beach but it sure is messy with two little ones! And yes, they enjoy building sandcastles.


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