26 July 2010

raw(e) 2(6)

No, this is not some strange new blogger code,
it's the theme for this week's RAW(e) photo challenge. 

Here's the skinny - go to your 2nd folder and post the 6th photo.
No matter how wacky or horrible the picture.
No editing.
Just raw.

So, here's my photo.

 It's a cast-off from a photo session I did with Ava. 

I really would've loved it if the picture was something crazy like Sam picking his nose
(yes, I take those pictures!).
 But alas, this is what we've got.
So trot on over to Sailor & Company and see if anyone else has a crazy, hilarious photo...I'm headed that way now!


  1. Lisa, this is precious. From the angle the picture is taken she looks as cute as a little hobbit. Her expression looks likes she has had enough, also expressed with those little hands that are getting ready to get you. You can see the wheels turning!

  2. I just wanna pinch those cheeks! Too precious!!! :O)

  3. Great shot...she's adorable :D

  4. She's so cute. (And yes, I also take nose-picking shots!)

    If you like this theme, come to my blog on Friday. I'm hosting "Photo Roulette Friday." I hope you'll join.


  5. I have so many pictures of my daughter with that "enough with the pictures already mom" look on her face. This one is a cutie.....and that little dress is gorgeous!


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