20 July 2010

the food of love

Well, it's week 6 of the "Completing Him" Marriage Challenge over at Women Living Well.

 And this week's challenge is:
Make your husband a priority by asking him what his favorite dinner, dessert and drink are.
Then head to the kitchen and start cooking!

 Now, I realize that some of you may never even set foot in your kitchen to make a meal...much less know how to make Chicken Cordon Bleu, or his mom's famous lasagna! 

But here's the thing, he will be really touched that you tried. 
Because the heart of this challenge is giving him preference and doing something nice for him "just because." 
So, if the chicken burns and the carrots are soggy, high-tail it to his favorite restaurant. He'll give you an "A" for effort.

For the rest of you, dust off those recipes and let your man know that you haven't forgotten that the way to his heart is through his stomach!

Here is some of what I'll be making this week (recipes to follow):

A big juicy Steak (thank you Pioneer Woman for the handy tutorial)
Asparagus tips and Sweet and Savory Potatoes
Peanut Butter Pie for dessert


Peanut Chicken Satay
Coconut Rice
Asian Green Beans
and still eating peanut butter pie...Ha!
Who am I kidding?
That thing will be gone in 4.2 seconds flat!

So are you in?
I'd love to hear what some of your husband's favorite meals are.
I'm ALWAYS looking for new things to make for dinner!

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