17 August 2010


there's good news
and bad news.

The good news is, that Sam didn't have to have the bronchoscopy (which means he wasn't put under general anesthesia and didn't have any invasive procedures).

The bad news is, that he has a bacteria that is highly resistant to common antibiotics. And, although it doesn't seem to be resistant to the antibiotic that Sam is on, it could cause serious problems for other patients with weak immune systems.

Sam is in isolation.
He cannot leave his room.
No play rooms,
no air hockey, 
no walking around to get rid of all his pent up energy.

He is literally bouncing off the walls!
Bouncing on  the bed,
bouncing on the couch,
and bouncing off the huge window ledge that looks out of his room.

The physical therapist was concerned that he wouldn't get enough activity.
Her fears have been laid to rest.
The kid has been circling the room non-stop!

Fortunately, it looks like we may be able to go home Thursday.
So, hopefully only one more day of this.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


  1. What a relief for you all. Let's see, Tuesday night, all day tomorrow, tomorrow night, and who knows how long on Thursday. Maybe his jumping around, and bouncing off the walls will hurry the lab along with any tests they have to do before dismissal.

  2. Wow - Lisa, I'm so sorry that Sam's in isolation! What a stinky turn of events for your little one who typically has such fun at the hospital.

    Praise the Lord that Sam was able to avoid the bronchoscopy AND that the crazy bacteria is responding to the antibiotics that Sam is on!

    Praying for you guys.

  3. I'm sure this is so hard for you! I can't imagine either of my boys only being aloud to stay in one room. I think I'd go crazy!

    As a person with a weakened immune system (due to autoimmune disease medicines), I thank you for having him go through the isolation too! I never know when I'm out when I'll get something that'll make me very sick. So, thank you and know you're doing something good!

  4. Thanks, Ladies! We're all holding up well and get to go home tomorrow (YAY!) so it's been easier than I thought it would be.

  5. Lisa, I'll be praying for Sam!
    I just saw recently on one of your previous blog posts that you are pregnant again (I've been slacking in bloggy land recently) and I'm so happy for you all!!


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