14 August 2010

a necessary trip (and the winner)

The winner of the Charlie Church Mouse software is Lindsay!

Please email me with your info and I'll get the program mailed off to you ASAP!
Congratulations! I hope your little ones enjoy the program as much as Sam does.

In other news...
Monday we will be heading to All Children's Hospital to admit Sam for I.V. antibiotics and a possible bronchonscopy.
A few weeks ago he had a constant cough and an x-ray showed inflammation of his lungs.
The doctor also heard significant crackles (crackles=infection).
After a triple course of oral antibiotics, he still has evidence of an infection in his lungs.
The doctor is not sure what is causing the infection (all cultures have come back negative) so, off to the hospital we go to get a better idea of what's going on.
Our prayer is that they will be able to identify the infection and knock it out with a common I.V. antibiotic.
If all goes well we will be in the hospital for 3-4 days and then come back home to finish the I.V. here.

Sam is actually really excited about going.
Last year when we went, he was in heaven.
Aside from the I.V. insertion, he had the time of his life!
There are video games and movies,
air hockey and board games,
crafts and musical instruments to play with.
This year we will be going to the newly built hospital, so I'm sure it will be even more fabulous!

And, he gets to order whatever he wants to eat, whenever he wants to eat it!
Pizza for breakfast,
pancakes for dinner,
slurpees and nachos and ice cream, oh my!
Last time, he got so used to ordering off the menu, that when we came home and he asked for pizza (I told him we didn't have any) - he asked to see what else was on the menu!
Gotta love him.

Anyways, please keep us in your prayers as we head out.
We will be bringing Ava with us too.
And, although Marko will be able to come up Monday and Tuesday,
it may get a little challenging to keep a 10 month old off the floor and occupied for the whole stay!
Once Marko is gone I'll definitely need your prayers.

I'll keep you posted on our progress.
And hopefully this will end up being a very short, uneventful visit!


  1. yay for winning!
    I'll be keeping yall in my prayers this next week. Sounds like Sam will have a good time but I cant imagine keeping Ava occupied at her age for that long! Seriously, praying for yall!
    I'll email you my info!

  2. Prayers - you have them. Prayers, thoughts, and best wishes.

  3. Praying for your Sam.

    I hope today went well.



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