10 August 2010

just because...

...I love you.
I'm giving away this really great kids software!

No strings attached, no company endorsements...
I just really love this program and decided to give one away!

If you have a 4-8 yr old that loves computer games, this will be a super addition to your home.
 Charlie Church Mouse Bible Adventures is a biblically based educational program for early elementary-aged kids. There are six diferent bible adventures (each with three skill levels) that teach:

Greater/Less Than
Telling Time
Counting Money
Rhyming Words
Problem Solving
Critical Thinking
AND they learn about the bible in a fun way.  

Sam loves these games (we have the preschool and the kindergarten versions as well) and has learned so much! Plus, I don't have to worry about the content of the games because every adventure centers on stories from the bible.

Disclaimer: the graphics are, uh, shall we say...basic. But every kid that I know that has played the games thinks they are fantastic.

Leave a comment by 5pm Friday and I'll pick a winner!


  1. Congratulations on #3! What a great blessing :) And I hope that commenting first will be...well...LUCKY!

  2. What happy news. Am wondering if you are having "morning sickness," which can last all day, or if you just breeze through all the changes. Hope the latter.
    Your gift is a very thoughtful one. You do not need to include me in the drawing though; my kids are all grown up and as of yet there are no grandkids expected.
    Take care, and I hope you find some time to rest.

  3. How exciting for #3! Sounds like an awesome program and would love to win it!

  4. Mya-so far just a general ickiness all day...and TIRED! I don't tend to get very sick with my pregnancies. I just get carpal tunnel and heartburn like gangbusters!


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