26 August 2010

raw(e) pink

Ok, so this week's theme for RAW(e) is
Yes, pink.
The color that I avoided like the plague.  
Until recently, that is.

Because now that I have a daughter, pink is popping up all over my house.

Pink clothes,
pink sippy cups,
pink towels,
pink shoes,
and yes, even pink toys.

It's a losing battle.
And I, the reluctant prisoner, am coming to terms with the fact
that pink will forevermore be a part of my world.

If you are a lover of pink, hop on over to Sailor & Company to get your fill of pink-ness.


  1. Colour that I avoided like a plague!! :D I couldn't agree more :) Lovely colour though, no doubt ;p
    This pink phone is so cute :)

  2. I love the pink phone! Couldn't be anything better for a little girl - a phone, that's pink!

  3. Great photo!!! I often wonder if I ever have a girl someday how much pink I will have because I had a boy first. I'll be like "Oh no, we don't need to buy that, we have it- even if it is in "boy" colors it's still usable." But, I'm pretty sure I'll still buy pink stuff. :)

  4. Heather- Don't worry, it has been my experience that people LOVE to buy pink stuff...especially grandmas!


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