09 March 2010

he makes me laugh


He does it every time.

He is the most random, hilarious boy that I know.

Example: We were driving in the car the other week and he says, "Momma, how old is Jesus?"
Me: Ummm, well He's been around forever. He's older than everybody!
Sam: Wow! Then, is he like, TEN?!?

And today, I found him like this...

Doing what, pray tell?
Well, Bouncy Ball Demolition Derby 
with "imaginary Daniel"...of course! 

Ready, set, go!

Wipe out! 

Looks like "imaginary Daniel" won this round. 

I tell ya, no mercy from those pretend friends! Sheesh!

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  1. LOL! So he made me laugh too! So funny! :)


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