16 March 2010

raw(e) distractions

This week the RAW(e) photo challenge is taking a different turn. 
The subject is distractions, or rather, 

ONE distraction. 

The one thing that keeps you distracted from God, duties, family, etc. 

 I have to say the computer is my numero uno distraction. I get distracted by blogs (mine and others'), editing photos, email...the list goes on and on.  


Because I can turn my brain off and surf to my heart's content. 

But usually my heart is not content. 

I am overwhelmed by house work, relationships that need attention, planning that needs to be done, and time that should be spent with God.

And instead of doing those things, I go on auto-pilot and zone out in front of the screen. 

In light of all this, I have decided to go on a computer fast. This has been such a convicting exercise (thanks, Sami!) that I want to run with it and see where the Lord leads me. 

So, ta-ta for now! 
I'll see you in a few days. 

P.S. Don't forget to go over to Sami's blog and see what distracts everyone else!


  1. Quit writing about me on your blog :) jk

  2. this is a huge one for me, too. blogger and facebook. fasting is lovely idea from time to time :)

  3. Yes, I agree with Heather. I can totally relate. Enjoy your mini hiatus from the computer. I went to Lake George in the fall without our laptop and felt totally liberated. I must admit it WAS a little difficult though.


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